Bab's does Fiskerton Fen

"To see the Birdies"

Bab's has often seen this place when going to the shops with Marge to get her wine and Phil's Beer.
I decided to make the effort and see what it was all about, The sign says there might be some long legged Birdies with big sharp beaks.
I was a bit worried about going in now, but Phil just laughed at me, he said the birdies would run a mile as soon as they saw me!
I'm not sure if that was a good thing to say or not, but, I kind of hope he is right.

Phil says that these signs are there in case there are people from his work about.
I don't think he means Mouse or Mel or even Andy the Plumbing man.
Marge says people like that should be put down, Phil agreed!

Inside the "Fen", Bab's found this little hut, Phil said it might be made of Horse poo!
I told him not to be silly I have seen Horse poo and it's not that colour and also it would smell horrid .

The view was super duper from inside the "Poo hut", it had some little flaps that Phil let down so we could see out.
Look at all them big Birdies standing around on the ice, They must have some pretty cold feet!
We can't hang around here too long because the sun is nearly going out and we have a long walk to do, Bye Bye Birdies.

We managed to get a bit closer to the pond without waking the Birdies up. The views was lovely. Marge just kept cooing!

I managed to sneak a bit closer, it was easy for me because I am a bit smaller than Phil and Marge so I could go through the fence.
Marge was busy wiping some Cat muck off her Wellingtones, Bloomin cat's should take their Poo's home!

Oops Bab's tripped over a twig of Stick and all the Birdies ran away!
What a bunch of scaredycats!

Wow, the Moon is out, Phil say's Man has landed on the Moon, Marge say's it might have been trick phornography!
Bab's would like to drive to the Moon one day.

I climbed up a pole to get a closer view, it was amazing you could nearly see the Astronuts footprints!

Yikes, when I looked down I got the fright of my life, there was a huge river with a very long drop down to it!
Phil laughed and asked if Bab's wanted a swim, Marge ran off!

Further down the paff, I found some left over Snow and made myself a snowingball.
If anyone dares to get too close I will let them Avit.

Phil came too close so I let one go!

I missed Phil and he got past, but then Marge tried her luck, "And lost".
Bab's hit her right on the Wellington.

Marge was pretty cross and chased after me, I found a small track to follow and desperately tried to hide.

Phew, Marge has lost me, He he he.
I could see her emptying her Wellington and moaning to Phil, I best keep out of her way for a minute or two.

All this effort was very firsty work but I could not get at any water to drink, bloomin puddles have all gone hard.
Phil said he could stamp on it but I decided to wait till I got home as Marge says puddles might have Bugs in them!

Marge spotted these Bullrashes and wanted one, she told Phil to wade in and get one, I was a bit worried in case Phil sank to the bottom
Marge said don't worry he has got plenty of life insurance!

We crossed this massive Bridge, I wonder what exotic place this river leads to ?
Phil said it probably ends up in the north Pole, Marge said it might be Bardney!

We found a Parking place for long ships and I met this "Old Timer" called Randalf. He has been around for many years and had some amazing tales to tell.
He was once an Hofficer in the Army telling the Soldiers what to do, He Ran a Pub where people could get drunken he even Raced Ferrets for a living.

Randalf told me this was his ship and it was very fast. He said it cost a Billion pounds in moneys. He said it was full of Gold and had a full size Cinema too.
I don't know what a Cinema was but it must be good if its full sized!

He asked me if I could keep a seekret, he then said he was a Spy working for the "KNB"
He said he is on the lookout for "irresponsible Cat owners who let their beasts Foul the Public footpaths" he asked me if I wanted to join his squad?
Phil whispered in my ear that "Randalf" Is full of whats left on the footpaths" and said we should leave pretty soon.

Actually I think Phil was right so we made our escape, Randalf was a nice chap but boy he had some long stories!
Phil says there is a bloke just like him where he works, Marge says there is a lot of them around!

It was good to see that the council had spent the tax payers money well with having plenty of clear warning signs
Marge says they could have had some decent lighting though!

Well bye bye Fiskerton Fen, will come back soon, perhaps we will spot the Owel again!